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Dancing Through Cultures

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CVI Art - Dance Commission

The dancers were asked to express their interpretation of the experience of being a child with CVI. Across different scenes we see the confusion as a dancer has to cope with multiple incoming demands, not knowing which way to turn, the world without faces, the peace and tranquillity of tents, the need for help, the fear, and in a beautiful finale, the freedom of open spaces.

Euryphaessa "Wide-Shining" uses choreographic communication to express what a child with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) may perceive and feel as they interact with the world.

Curated and directed by Dr Wendy Timmons, the choreography was informed collectively through lectures and workshops with experts in CVI and conversations with a child with CVI. The dance artists worked collaboratively in this creative process under the artistic direction of Marianella Desanti. Concepts such as shaping and demarking space are explored choreographically at the same time the dance artists explore the vulnerabilities and brain-body sensitivity exposed through CVI whilst expressing the tranquillity and personal happiness found in a colour or innocent space.

Original Website of CVI Art Dance Commission:

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"Wide Shining"
Dance Video

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Dance artists in alphabetical order

Megan Alder-Cox

Liron Blajwajs

Maverick Chai

Marianella Desanti

Yue Dou

Annie Gaddis

Yulu Hou

Yang Joy

Hanyu Li

Jai McKenzie

Nicola Scholefield

Yu Shu

Holly Stidolph

Wendy Yaxin​


Annie Gaddis, Treasurer 

Nichola Scholefield, Secretary

Holly Stidolph, Media

Marianella Desanti, Artistic Director

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WhatsApp Image 2023-10-18 at 3.52.59 AM.jpeg

As our culture continues to diversify, so do the definitions of traditional dance and ‘Scottishness’, especially in times of uncertainty, displacement and border restrictions. The words of Ian McMillan, a poet of Scottish heritage, resonated with us:


Is the new certainty


Is the new stability

And language’s ability

To comprehend

Is starting to bend

And crack.


Read further on the official website of Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland:

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Video Library: Video


Anni Browne

Tony Chen

Yilei Chen

Marianella Desanti

Yulu Lin

Jia McKenzie

Ella Moore

JiaYi Qin

Alexis Street

Tianyi Yang

Muqian Zhou


Wendy Timmons

Ilyana Nedkova


Artistic Direction Marianella Desanti

Secretary Tony Chen

Treasurer Maverick Chai

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Ballet Dancers

War Survivors
Women Building Community After Loss

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War Suvivors

Choreography: Marianella Desanti

Costa Rican Dancers:

Valeria Arias 

Mariana Solano

Lucy Molina

Fiorella Calvo

Natalia Echandi

Ana Laura Montenegro

​Teatro de la Danza, Costa Rica

Ministerio Cultura, Juventud y Deportes

Body Motion Dance Studio

Taller Coreográfico

This choreography is the result of a collaboration under the artistic direction of Marianella Desanti and Body Motion adult and beginner ballet students. The choreography sought to explore the survival of women as a community after the horrifying experience of war.

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War Survivors
Dance Video

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